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Berlin Metro, Germany

One of the leading global rail recruitment agencies

At Diamond Crossing Recruitment Ltd. we devote our time to the permanent placement of middle - senior level professionals within the international rail sector.

As one of the few railway industry’s specialist recruitment setups, our sector insight increases the rate of successful candidate placements and maximises efficiency in talent acquisition and retention processes for our clients.

London DLR, UK

We are proud to be one of the few specialist recruitment agencies catering to the international Rail Systems & Infra market who cover almost all the spectrum from Design & Build all the way to Operations & Maintenance of railway projects.

Some of the roles we work on are: Project Director Rail, RAMS Manager, Signalling Design Engineer, Traction Power Expert, P-way / Track Design Managers, V&V Specialist, Materials Engineer, Human Factors Engineer, Passenger Information Display Expert, System Engineering Manager etc. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

From supporting recruitment on complete turnkey rail projects to individual mid - senior level in-house vacancies, we truly understand how essential the ideal candidate and right role are for you. Whether your rail project is in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa or APAC, we are one of the leading recruitment agencies to support your hiring requirements. 

Sharing your values and beliefs with our ethical and environmentally aware ethos – we embrace diversity in talent pool and our right thinking and right acting approach directs all our actions and decisions.

Paris Metro, France

We look forward to supporting your recruitment needs for projects like:

  • Urban Metro Railway
  • Light Rail
  • Automated People Mover (APM)
  • Monorail
  • Tramway
  • Elevated Rail
  • Inter City High Speed Rail
  • Freight Transport Line
  • Mainline Railways

The Process.

Agree Terms of Business

With several years of recruitment experience in the rail industry, we understand the challenges & offer practical and business friendly terms. 

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Jobs Posting & Screening Resumes

Client shares the details of the job vacancies which are posted on our website's job board and various other platforms as required. Job applications are received and screened for suitability and are shortlisted for initial interviews.

First Stage Candidate Interviews

We conduct preliminary interviews to further assess the applicants for rail industry specific skills and expertise matching the job opportunity.

Present Candidates to the Client

To avoid any selection bias, the shortlisted CVs are shared with the clients for review after taking out all personal information about the candidates.

Client Interviews & Selection

Upon receiving indication of interest, a selection of candidates are interviewed and assessed by the client's internal HR Team and Hiring Managers.

Successful Placement

Candidate accepts the formal job offer from the Client, reports to work on the agreed start date.

Invoice & Payments

We then issue our service invoice to be paid according to the agreed terms.

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Wildlife & Habitat

We have used some wildlife imagery throughout the website, in order to highlight the importance of protecting the environment, biodiversity and its habitat. If there is one message we would like you to take away from visiting this website, it would be to cherish the fact that we share this planet with millions of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species whose survival has become solely reliant on the choices we make today as responsible co-tenants of this planet.

Many of you would be in a position during your professional careers to make decisions that could possibly impact the overall well-being of our planet.

We would like to encourage you to be aware of the prevalent extinction of various species and their natural habitats, and invite you to consider the protection of our environment and preservation of the wildlife when ultimately making those decisions.

The natural balance of our diverse ecosystems is essential not only to our survival but vital to the safety and prosperity of generations to come. As a business, we have pledged to contribute to this cause and we are an active member of:

World Wide Fund for NatureFauna & Flora International