It’s imperative for you to have the right people placed within your teams and working on your rail projects. We understand that having a passionate and dedicated workforce in place, makes all the difference to the outcome of your projects.

At Diamond Crossing Recruitment Ltd. we make sure you always have the best available talent selected from our global networks, bringing you world-class results.

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As a key player in the international rail transport sector you will feel reassured, knowing your recruitment team understands the details of your working environment, with all its specific challenges and demands.

We dedicate our time to identifying and understanding your specific requirements and work conditions in Railway Construction, Infra, Rolling Stock & Systems.


Our right thinking and right acting approach means you can place your faith in our recruitment processes to deliver only the most enthusiastic candidates to you for evaluation & selection.

No placement, No Fees.

Our commitment is ethical sourcing and placement.

Your time is precious, and you shouldn’t have to pay for what doesn’t work out. To make the most of your time and budgets, we only ever propose appropriately qualified individuals to you.

Moreover, we promise never to subject you to timewasting spray & pray technique of sending unsolicited emails with irrelevant resumes - thus by acting only upon your instructions, in your own time, allowing you much needed breathing space for workforce planning and talent acquisition strategies.

What ifs?

Sometimes, despite all the right steps being taken, we find it’s just not the perfect fit.

Not a problem. Our impressive array of candidates means an appropriate alternative is soon coming down the line to you.

Diamond Crossing’s free and confidential consultation and advice aims to minimise any issues, but we all know sometimes things don’t work out as planned and our contingency planning means you’re never left hanging.

Terms of business to make you smile.

Industry-leading transparent pricing structure guarantees you great results – expert recruitment conducted seamlessly, finding ideal candidates for your railway projects.

Diamond Crossing Recruitment processes deliver only the most suitable candidates to you, fully assessed and enthusiastic about their next adventure.

Our adaptable terms of business reflect the mood and direction of diverse and evolving workplaces worldwide. It gives you a great foundation to meet your objectives, resulting in hiring expert employees with unstrained budgets.

We listen to and truly hear your needs, wants and expectations. As a candidate or a client you will discover we excel at matching niche with need, respecting both the employee and the employer.

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