Our Values.

At Diamond Crossing Recruitment Ltd.
We are committed to:

  • A flourishing global rail sector
  • A transforming and sustainable world
  • A diverse and respected workforce
  • A future for ethical career investments, exciting challenges and rewarding working lives

One World.

You’ll discover our commitment to sustainability and the world’s wonderfully rich ecosystems goes further than simply wanting our planet to be cherished. Diamond Crossing Recruitment Ltd. is a member of both the:


We are proud to serve a sustainable industry sector that has the potential to reduce our collective global carbon footprint.


One People.

Every eligible candidate deserves to be respected and represented with empathy and consideration. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing our anti-discrimination practices will work for you. Our job  applicants and candidates will never be discriminated against during the assessment and selection processes – so long as they qualify for the job requirements set by the client.

One Promise.

Right thinking and right acting create honest, open, ethical and transparent ways of doing business. We pledge to act with fairness and humility for the benefit of both clients and candidates. It’s all about respect – respect for you and respect for ourselves. We wouldn’t bring you anything less. We work diligently to source the best possible talent for a given role and the best possible match for each and every candidate.

One Security.

When your enquiry needs to remain confidential, we make sure that’s how it stays. We treat all employer and candidate information as confidential, unless we have permission to share information. Any sharing of information is carefully restricted to the parties forming part of the recruitment process. Our effective communication channels are set up to facilitate open and respectful correspondence with clients, candidates and other interested parties, while retaining all necessary discretion and privacy.


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